Tendonitis and Bursitis

Tendonitis and bursitis chiropractic therapy is very effective and efficient in the treatment of these conditions.

Poor posture, misaligned joints, tight muscles, abnormal foot biomechanics and irritated nerves all play their role in the bursitis condition.

Bursitis is often caused by overuse where excessive rubbing of bones, joints and soft tissues (e.g. muscles, tendons, skin) over bursa leads to inflammation. The body parts that are out of alignment are particularly prone to such irritation. Bursitis patients often develop various misalignments in muscles and joints as a compensating response to the pain and discomfort of this condition. These lead to uneven wear and tear in the joints and can cause muscle stiffness.

Chiropractors use hands on spinal / joint manipulations and other ‘alternative’ treatments to return your musculo-skeletal structure back to alignment so the body can heal itself. No surgery or medication required.